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"I'm delighted to appear in The Principles of Business. It's a series which has the capacity to make a real difference to how people think about the world of commerce. I hope that the contribution I have made to the programme will go some way towards underlining the enduring importance of ethical and social values in business."
                                                                              Lord David Puttnam CBE - Producer "Chariots of Fire"

"It's a really unexpected honour to be in the company of people of the calibre who are interviewed for "Principles of Business". I always feel that the range of things I do may keep me from achieving all I am capable of, but maybe that is not so."

                                                     Chris Watson - Partner & Head of Telecoms - CMS

"Education is for life and taken like tea daily, there are many teas and many ways to learn. The value of the Principles programme is to value the tea samples of those who have a life time of tea samples."    
                                                               David Evans MBE - CE of The Grass Roots Group

"It's an honor to be a part of the esteemed interviewees on "Principles of Business".
I hope my story as being the "son of" helps illuminate how simple navigating fame and fortune (through familial association) can be."
                                        Peter Buffett - Composer / Musician and son of Financier Warren Buffett

"Lovely to... have such an in depth interview. Some of the most thought provoking questions I have ever been asked and it's really good to know that there are still 'Principles of Business.'"

                                                            Tim Rhys-Evans - Conductor - Only Boys Aloud