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From the Producers of Principles of Business -
a New Ground Breaking Series:

NextGen & Kin TV

What is it like to be a relative of one of the world's household names yet have a successful career yourself? In a delving interview series we find out about the lives and work of people with names you should instantly recognise. 


Photo by Kayleigh Ghiot.

is the stepson of the popular British author C. S. Lewis and the son of American poet and writer Joy Davidson. He is an author himself and the Executive Producer of Disney's Narnia feature film series.

CHRIS WATSON - Emma Watson

is the father of Emma Watson and Partner and Head of Telecoms at CMS Cameron McKenna. He has been named as one of the world's top six telecoms lawyers and is qualified as a solicitor in England and an avocat in France, where he also owns three vineyards. Chris is also a member of the Supreme Court in England and is the UK Chief of the Chablis grape growers.


Lucinda Dickens Hawksley, besides being one of the world's leading authorities on Britain's popular author Charles Dickens, is a well respcted author in her own right. She is the great great great granddaughter of the author and has written a book on Dickens' daughter Kate (his favourite), other historical biographies and books as well as travel guides.  

PETER BUFFETT - Warren Buffett

Peter Buffett is the son of businessman Warren Buffett and an award winning composer, musician, author and producer. Peter has written adverts for Coca-Cola, MTV and CNN and scored and choreographed the "Fire Dance" in the Kevin Costner film "Dances with Wolves. He is a graduate of Stanford University. Peter's concerts in China, where Warren Buffett is highly revered, are popular events for the nation.


Elisabeth is the  daughter of Georg and Agatha von Trapp and the granddaughter of Werner von Trapp (portrayed as "Curt" in "The Sound of Music"). The Trapp Family Singers, which Maria and Georg von Trapp founded in Austria and brought with them to the United States when they escaped Austria in 1938, included Elisabeth's father, Werner von TrappThe Family Singers disbanded in 1957, but Elisabeth von Trapp grew up with her father's guitar playing and singing, and around the musical family's home, the Trapp Family Lodge in StoweVermont. She began taking piano lessons when she was eight and by the age of sixteen she was playing guitar and traveling the back roads of New England performing with her siblings at weddings, gospel meetings and town halls.

CHRIS JAGGER - Mick & Kari Ann Jagger

Chris, the brother of The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger, is a musician in his own right and an astute businessman. His pathway has taken him in a slightly different direction to his brother but he feels very fulfilled.


Joanne Cash is the sister of Nashville music mega-star Johnny Cash. In the past 10 years since Johnny's death they have traveled the world telling their and his story. Joanne and her husband Dr. Harry Yates also lead an unusual church called The Cowboy Church in Nashville, Tennessee. She has recorded over 30 albums in her career. 


Mary (Perry) Hudson once danced with singer Jimmy Hendrix. Keith had a wild music career himself. Together they raised three children, one of whom became known as top female singer Katy Perry. Today they are both authors, speakers and ministers who travel the world sharing on various topics.


The mother of singer Joss Stone, Wendy Joseph and her husband Jonathan founded Mama Stones - a unique venue for aspiring musical artists as well as a recording studio and restaurant in Western England. In 2003 she and her daughter began traveling the world with Wendy acting as Joss' manager. She is also the co-writer of the Grammy nominated hit "You Had Me". Occassionally Joss makes a surprise appearance at Mama Stones and sings with her much loved style.

ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ - Dr. Billy Graham

Anne Graham is the oldest daughter of Billy Graham and his wife Ruth. She was expected to carry on the international work of her famous father, which she has, but in a very different way. Being a female in a male dominated area, she has gained wide acceptance as both an author and speaker.

DR. TED BAEHR - "Tex" Allen

Growing up next to Hollywood film sets and Broadway, Dr. Ted Baehr, son of film star "Tex" Allen, couldn't help but be connected to it. He is a well known author, broadcaster and founder of the Movieguide Gala Awards, held each year in "tinsel town". 

SAMUEL CHO - Dr. David Yonggi Cho

Samuel Cho is the son of the founder of the world's largest church Dr. David Yonggi Cho and Dr. Kim Sung-Hae Cho, President and Chancellor of Hansei University. Samuel is the Chairman of The Kuzmin Daily Newspaper in South Korea. The newspaper is one of the most popular in that nation and has the unique characteristic of carrying "good news" article in place of the usual diet of atrocities and negative agendas. Since his appointment Samuel has brought the publication into profitability and enlarged readership.  


Zoe Readhead is the daughter of educator A. S. Neill who established the groudbreaking and controversial school "Summerhill" in England. Zoe is now the Head of the school.

ISAAC LIU - "Brother Yun"

Isaac's father, former Chinese farmer and best selling author "Brother" Yun, was due to be aborted by the authorities because his father was in prison. Instead, he was born prematurely the day before the appointment. His father finally was able to see his son when he was six years old. When his father, mother and family left China he was angry and rebelious. He is now a popular author, himself, and has written his autobiography "Son of the Underground".


Christy Wimber is the daughter-in-law of author, musician and communicator John Wimber. Since his death she has been an unofficial cataloguer of the works of the best selling author from California and speaks at conferences worldwide.